Environmental knowledge
Do you know these interesting facts about environmental protection?


  • When it comes to the topic of environmental protection

    Slow forehead is the word "serious".

    It ranges from national development, international relations, to the details of personal life

    Xiaoju also feels that such a serious topic is discussed every day,

    Tremendous stress!

    Today I want to share some interesting environmental events,See what's happening around the world,Some are down-to-earth, and some are nonsense.

    Microsoft sinking servers into the sea?

    In June 2018, Microsoft sank a prototype data center machine containing 864 servers to the depths of the sea near the Scottish island of Orkney.

    The sea is full of water, will the machine be damaged if it enters the water?

    The bottom of the sea is so deep, will the signal be bad?

    Why would Microsoft put such an important electronic product into the sea?

    Microsoft put the server array on the seabed, also to solve the cooling problem.

    Alibaba Cloud distributes servers to the frontier?

    Alibaba Cloud has a server array with thousands of acres of land in Inner Mongolia.

    The reason is simple, the land rent is cheap and the electricity price is cheap.

    Another important point is that the temperature is low all year round. Only the hottest 15 days in summer need to be artificially cooled in the computer room. At other times, it can be cooled by natural wind, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

    Winter Olympics broadcast network speed is super fast,

    1s can download 500 HD movies

    The cloud data center for the Beijing Winter Olympics is located in Zhangbei (there is another super data center in Ulanqab).

    The traditional way of broadcasting is to build an IT computer room, rent a broadcasting center and broadcasting vehicle, and dispatch on-site reporters in the Olympic city, which puts pressure on the security and environmental protection of the scene.

    Now, major broadcasters can realize remote broadcast and content editing of 4K/8K high-definition programs directly from Alibaba Cloud, even if no one is present at the scene, saving a lot of expenses and time, and reducing the pressure of epidemic prevention.

    The bandwidth used for the broadcast of the Winter Olympics is at the Gbps level, and can even be expanded to the Tbps level if necessary, which is equivalent to uploading and downloading 500 high-definition movies in one second.

    Global warming or increasing kidney stone cases?

    Rising global temperatures may lead to an increase in kidney stone cases, according to a study from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Kidney stones are solid substances that form in the urine and can be very painful when passed through the urinary tract. High temperatures can increase the risk of dehydration, which can lead to the formation of crystals, which can lead to kidney infections. If greenhouse gas emissions continue at their current rate, kidney stone cases will increase by 2.2% to 3.9%, according to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.