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Rotary evaporator
rotary evaporator
rotary evaporator
2L Automatic control rotary evaporator
  • Product name:2L Automatic control rotary evaporator
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  • Model:JC-ZF-2L
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  • Rotary evaporator, also known as rotary evaporator, is a commonly used laboratory equipment. It consists of a motor, a distillation bottle, a heating pot, a condenser tube and other parts.

    It is mainly used for continuous distillation of volatile solvents under reduced pressure conditions. 

    Application in the fields of chemistry and chemical industry. 

    The automatic control rotary evaporator series JC-ZF-2L is a comprehensive oil bath and water bath dual-purpose rotary evaporator developed by our company. 

    The whole machine is elegant, reasonable and compact, easy to operate, accurate in temperature control and reliable in performance. 

    In addition to practical and user-friendly design, sturdy and durable performance is also an important feature of the product.

  • model


    rotational speed

    LCD display 0~310rpm

    Evaporation capacity


    Achievable vacuum

    Below 399.9Pa (3mmHg)

    Temperature adjustment range

    Water and oil dual-purpose pot Water bath: room temperature -99°C; oil bath: room temperature -210°C

    Temperature regulation accuracy

    Water bath ±0.5, oil bath: ±2

    Bathtub Material/Size

    One-time forming Teflon compound pot φ23×13cm The heating pot has safety handle, moderate volume and rapid heating.

    sample bottle

    Intermittent left and right rotation, the intermittent time can be adjusted from 0 to 60s, which can be used for drying powder samples.

    Lifting stroke

    Rocker-type button. Balanced lift (lifting stroke 150mm) has a fixed 60mm safety distance at the end of the drop to prevent collision.

    temperature control

    Microcomputer ON-OFF control, digital display

    Temperature setting • Display

    Membrane key input setting • Digital display

    Safety performance

    Fuse, thermal-type dry-burning preventer, dry-burning sample bottle automatically lifts to the highest; standard time timer, automatically shuts down your rotary evaporator after reaching the preset time, for the automatic lifting host, the instrument automatically lifts Evaporating flask.


    Totally enclosed heater power 1.4KW

    Sample bottle usable capacity


    vacuum gasket

    Teflon + imported PTEF material combination vacuum sealing gasket

    condenser tube

    Vertical, three-layer ball- milled serpentine condenser tube with a cooling area of 0.27 square meters and a large condensation area, with drip point and anti-backflow design. (effectively improve work efficiency)

    Factory configuration

    Sample bottle: one 1L pear-shaped bottle, one .2L round bottom bottle,

    Recycling bottle: a spherical bottle 1L,

    Use ambient temperature


    input power


    size and weight

    Packaging size 71*46.5*51cm/instrument size 66*42*83cm/gross weight 30kg

  • 1, water bath, oil bath dual-use, temperature range: room temperature -210 . The heating pot is provided with a safety handle, has a moderate volume, and heats up rapidly. The heating pot adopts Teflon composite pot, which is easy to clean.

    2. Electronic stepless speed regulation. The digital display of the speed is 0-310 rpm, and the forward/reverse function can be set. It can rotate in an intermittent forward and reverse cycle, which is suitable for the drying process.

    3. Large condensation area, drip point and anti-backflow design. (Effectively improve work efficiency)

    4. The evaporating bottle adopts a push-hand mechanical device, which is easy to disassemble, safe and reliable.

    5. It is designed as an integrated large-screen LCD to display parameters: it is convenient to detect heating temperature, rotation speed, working time and real-time vacuum degree.

    6. Safe operation function of unmanned mode: The working time of the equipment can be set according to the amount of experimental solvent. After the experiment is over, the equipment will automatically rise and stop working under the condition 

    of unmanned monitoring, and has an early warning function.

    7. Temperature protection and monitoring function: When the temperature is abnormal and the sensor fails, the host will automatically rise, stop working, and give an early warning; avoid the sample being damaged by heat.

    8. Vacuum system (optional): The built-in vacuum control system can be selected to effectively monitor the vacuum degree, and the required vacuum degree can be set according to different reagents; greatly improve the stability of the experiment;


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