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JA1003N-5003N series one thousandth electronic precision balance
  • Product name:JA1003N-5003N series one thousandth electronic precision balance
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  • Model:JA1003N-5003N
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  • Product Introduction
  • 1. Product introduction

    JA1003N-5003N series one thousandth electronic precision balance is developed by using electromagnetic balance sensor technology . It has the characteristics of high precision and strong environmental adaptability. It also has linear four-point calibration, counting function and various units. conversion, etc. The traditional classification element circuit board is changed to a large digital integrated type, so that the performance of this series of electronic balances is more stable and the response speed is faster. At the same time, it has the functions of adjustable integral and adjustable stability and sensitivity.

    It connects the weighing plate with the energized coil and places it in the magnetic field. When the object to be weighed is placed on the weighing plate, due to the downward gravity, an electromagnetic force will be generated on the coil, which is equal in magnitude and opposite to the direction of gravity. At this time, the sensor outputs an electrical signal, which is rectified and amplified to change the current on the coil until the coil returns, and its current intensity is proportional to the gravity of the object being weighed. And this gravity is produced by the mass of the material, and the resulting electrical signal will display the mass of the item being weighed after passing through the analog system.

    2. Product parameters

    1. Electromagnetic force balance sensor

    2. With external calibration weights

    3. Full weighing and peeling

    4. Four-level shockproof count

    3. Product Features

    1. Large liquid crystal display (120*55mm) with blue backlight is used , and the display function is complete.

    2. Using the sensor software technology of the German STL Institute , it supports multi-point calibration and makes the performance of the instrument more stable.

    3. The four sides of the anti-static coated glass windshield can effectively shield the interference of external static charges, and the vision is clear.

    4. Built-in RS232 standard interface , which can be connected to printers, computers and other equipment.

    5. Unit conversion: conversion of three different weighing units: carat, ounce, and gram.

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