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JC-ZF-04 Quadruple fat analyzer
  • Product name:JC-ZF-04 Quadruple fat analyzer
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  • Model:JC-ZF-04
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  • 1. Product introduction

    JC-ZF-04 fat analyzer is an equipment developed by Soxhlet extraction technology for laboratory determination of fat content. It has reasonable design, stable performance, high accuracy, labor-saving and time-saving operation, and the extraction method conforms to ( GB5512-85) standard. This instrument is an ideal equipment for Soxhlet extraction in food, oil, feed, soil and other industries.

    2. Product Features

    1. It consists of three parts: heating extraction, solvent recovery and cooling;
    2. During operation of the fat analyzer, the heating temperature can be adjusted according to the boiling point of the reagent and the ambient temperature;
    3. The sample is repeatedly soaked and extracted during the extraction process, thereby To achieve the purpose of rapid extraction;
    4. The solvent can be automatically recovered, which greatly facilitates the use of users and saves a lot of time;
    5. The extraction time of the fat analyzer is adjustable, and it will alarm when it arrives.

    3. Product parameters

    1. Product model: JC-ZF-04 

    2. Number of extracted samples per batch: 4; 

    3. Extraction bottle volume: 250ml/piece; 

    4. Extraction sample volume: 0.5-20g/piece; 

    5. Temperature control range: room temperature +5℃~100℃ 

    6. Power supply voltage: 220V+10V frequency 50Hz; 

    7. Electric heating power: 500W; 

    8. Controller: LCD display 

    9. Temperature control accuracy: ±0.3℃ 

    10. Heating time: about 10 minutes

    11 , Recovery system: automatic 

    Solvent recovery rate: ≥80% 

    13. Dimensions: 560*230*790mm; 

    14. Weight of fat measuring instrument: 21kg

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